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Sports Seating Solutions

Where would a lot of sports events be today without the spectators? Mums and dads, fellow competitors or visiting away fans, they are all looking for the best view. Our sports seating offers comfort, durability and most of all choice. Choice of colour, choice of style and choice of budget.

In addition to the specialist products the sports offering takes from a selection of our standard ranges. Our auditorium chairs make a perfect VIP offering in a football stadium. Our retractable units come with all plastic Luxe chairs or Vogue benches ideal for any sports event. Even the lecture theatre chairs are in on the act. They make perfect press seats with fold away or fixed writing surfaces.

There are course the specialist sports only products, perhaps the most prominent is our safe standing offering. A hot topic in the UK at the moment. The move to allowing “safe standing” in the top two tiers of English football is drawing ever closer.

Indoor or outdoor seating can be catered for. Our outdoor products come with galvanised metalwork to withstand the worst of the elements. Owing to the high humidity environment, the same treatment is applied for seating in swimming pools.

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