• Refurbishment and Re-upholstery

    We work with our customers to produce the best possible results

Theatre Seating Refurbishment and Re-upholstery

We are often asked to revitalise existing theatre seating. Sometimes the structure of the seating is still in good order but the fabric or foam need replacing.

It can even be as simple as a venue wanting a new modern colour scheme. We work with our customers to produce the best possible results.

Create the Right Impression

It is often said that you only get one chance to create the first impression.

This is so true in the theatre world. Walking into a theatre littered with tatty seating with bottomed out seat cushions surely creates the wrong impression.

Not to mention the comfort of the seat once the foam has is past its best years.

It’s Not All or Nothing

We understand the theatre world and appreciate that budget constraints mean tough choices on spend need to be made. 

In almost every auditorium or lecture theatre we visit there is a pattern of damage or footprint of heavy use.

This often means there are pockets of the theatre where the seats are in good order. It’s often the case that an exact match for the original fabric is not possible.

We can refurbish the seats most in need of attention and group together the new seating in blocks. Stopping the theatre look like a patchwork quilt, unless of course that’s the look you want!

Out With The Old

The popular misconception is that we always take away the old parts and refurbish them. In some cases, such as with heritage projects, this is the case.

In most instances the old components are either no longer fit for purpose or its simply doesn’t make economic sense. Our environmentally friendly disposal of the old components keeps landfill impact to a minimum.

The advances in CNC technology means its faster and costs less to produce new. This means the process is much more than “lipstick on a gorilla”. The new components are at least as good, but in most cases better than the parts they replaced.

We Can Help

If you have a project you think could benefit from our expertise please get in touch.

We can arrange a visit or view images of your space to assess the suitability of refurbishment.

Call 01604 756 567 or email info@audise.co.uk with details of your request, we look forward to hearing from you.